Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants
Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants
Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants
Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants
Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants
Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants

Stylish Suspended Glass Vase for Plants


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A beautiful, stylish and unique way to show off your favourite plants - or bring your love of plants to the next level by easily propagating your own.

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A conversation starter and a worthy centrepiece to any room.

Product Details

  • Strong wooden frame and metal bars make a perfect, durable starting point for your propagation projects.
  • Expertly packed to ensure it arrives to you just as it left us.
  • Very easy to assemble - have your own propagation station up in under two minutes (see instructions below!)
  • Make a statement - Two height option: 19cm high, 10cm wooden base & 3cm neck. Same height double glass & single glass options: 13.5cm high, 10cm wooden base & 3cm neck. 
  • Available in three stylish options - single glass vase, double glass vase on the same level and double glass vase on different levels.


Super Easy to Set Up


How does it work?

Growing your own plants from a cutting - known as propagation - could not be easier with the Suspended Glass Vase for plants. 

There are three ways to propagate a plant. You can do it messily using soil, difficultly using air layering or super simply using water. The Suspended Glass Vase for plants lets you use the easiest and most stylish option with water based propagation.

Why Propagate?

It is so fun and very satisfying to watch a beautiful plant clipping grow out of a single stem or leaf into its own plant, but there are other reasons too:

  • The original plant might be getting too big and you've had to prune it - wouldn't it be a shame to let those clippings go to waste?
  • A plant might be dying, but can still be saved if you propagate it.
  • You might have accidentally broken a bit of your favourite plant off - it can be saved!

Sounds fun! So how do you propagate a plant?

Growing your own cutting to a full plant is EASY with the Suspended Glass Vase just follow the steps below: 

  • Snip a cutting off your plant using a clean sharp knife or scissors, you will need at least 3 inches of the plant.
  • Place the cutting in a the Terrarium Hydroponic Vase.  Fill with room temperature water.
  • Change out the water every three to five days with room temperature water.
  • Wait and watch as your roots grow!  
  • Once your roots are around three inches or slightly more, it's time to pot the plant in soil and you have a second version of your favourite house plant. Be very careful when removing the plant, the roots are delicate!

Do I have to use the vases for propagation?

Definitely not!

They make beautiful vases in their own right. Imagine how elegant they would look with a single rose in each, or create an instant rustic vibe with a handpicked bunch of dusky pink and blue wildflowers. 

The only limit is your imagination.