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The Complete Guide to Cacti

Cacti are sometimes seen as the go-to house plant for people that want some greenery but don’t want to put in any effort. But with just a little bit of know-how, you can easily turn these once-background figures of the indoor plant world into beautiful, thriving and creativity-sparking members of your plant family.

Where's my happy place?

Think about where you might find a cactus in the wild. Did your mind immediately go to dry, hot and sunny? That’s exactly where your cactus wants to live at home. Put him in a west or south facing window and let him soak up those rays. For the first few weeks, make sure to take him out of the window during the hottest part of the days just to avoid sunburn, but once he is acclimatised, he’ll be happy there all the time.

  • Happiest with lots of sunlight
  • Super easy

Watering & Feeding

Cacti need little watering, but when you do water them, make sure you do it thoroughly. Around once a fortnight, going up to once a week in the hottest part of summer, will do fine. Make sure you let him drain completely in your sink, shower or tub.

  • Needs little watering


Cacti are resilient, bold and strong - exactly what you’d imagine from a desert plant. Repotting is as simple as getting a pot that is an inch to two wider in diameter and an inch deeper and sliding your spiky friend into his new home. Fill with soil and water straight away to get everything settled in. Remember to allow the water to drain.

Common Problems

Over watering is the biggie here, as it can easily lead to root rot. The tough thing with cacti is when they are overwatered the sometimes look super healthy, plumping out and growing a little. This can lead to people thinking they’re watering the right amount and adding even more water. Soon, the cactus will go limp and die.  They like to mostly be left alone. If in doubt, don’t water. 

I’m going on holiday, how should I make sure my plant is ok?

Water only if they need it and move them to an east or south facing window if you have them in a west facing window to give them a break from the sun (use an app on your phone to check your orientation if you don’t know it).