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Surefire Sofia Care

Sofia looks serene but she's working hard to purify the air around her. Sofia's soft, dark green leaves and elegant white flowers almost hide how tough she is.

Sofia is an expert at purifying the air, helping get rid of nasties like benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide and making her perfect for any home.


In the wild, Sofia lives in tropical places, far below a canopy of lush green vegetation. If you can’t quite recreate that in your house, never fear!

Keep her in a place out of direct sunlight, but somewhere well lit. A kitchen, bathroom, living room or lounge is perfect.

She hates the cold, so keep her away from drafty windows.

  • Happiest with lots of sunlight


Sofia likes her soil to be kept moist. Use the HomePlant finger trick of poking your finger into the soil up to the first knuckle, if it’s damp, then she is fine without more water for now. You’ll know if you are not watering her enough because her leaves will start to turn brown and she will wilt.

When watering, make sure you water her thoroughly – this means enough that water is coming out the bottom of her plastic pot. Leave her in a sink for an hour or so to drain. Sofia is much more tolerant of other plants of being left in soggy soil, but it’s still better to give her time to shake off any water she needs to before putting her back in her decorative pot.

Sofia is from the tropics so keep her nice and humid. If she lives in a bathroom, you probably won’t have to do anything at all because the natural ebb and flow of water and steam in there will be more than enough humidity. If she is elsewhere, get a hand mister and spray her once every few days to keep the air around her moist.

You only need to feed her with fertiliser ever so often – once every six weeks is enough. Start at the end of winter/start of spring and stop again when the leaves start to turn brown in autumn.

  • Needs a bit of work
  • Needs moderate watering
  • Mist Regularly


Sofia can grow to around 15 inches tall indoors, which means you will probably want to repot her at some point as she gets too big for the home she arrives in. Don’t worry, it’s easy, we promise.

Repot once a year in springtime. Sofia likes a nice change of soil. Use well draining, all purpose potting soil. The soil you buy will say all these things on the packaging.

Put her in a pot that is a few inches wider and deeper than the one she has just left and make sure you fill up any gaps with plenty of soil. Water her thoroughly to get everything settled in.

  • Medium size
  • Toxic to pets
  • Toxic to children
  • Needs a bit of work


Where are the flowers?!  If your Sofia isn’t flowering, don’t panic. It probably means she isn’t getting enough light. While she does fine in low light, she will save some energy and not flower. Try moving her a bit closer to a window and see how it goes. Remember not to put her anywhere drafty or in direct sunlight.

Brown leaf tips: Using tap water can do this, as the chemicals make Sofia go “yuck”. Try using rainwater or filtered water if you can. Excessive light can also be a cause, as can too little water or lack of humidity. If the reason isn’t obvious, try changing one thing at a time and seeing if it has any impact before moving onto the next thing – otherwise you won’t know what the culprit was!