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About Us

At HomePlant, we come to work every day because we want the world to be a greener, calmer and more beautiful place.

Mike Turner founded the company in early 2019 after searching across the North East of England for decent house plants. The ones from the supermarket looked withered before they even got home and would always die within a few weeks. Traditional garden centres were a bit better, but they were far away and generally unhelpful with an overwhelming number of choices, no easy to find care guides and incomprehensible Latin names. It felt like everyone there was already an expert and if you weren’t, tough luck.

Mike has long believed that the North East is the best place in the world and everyone in this fantastic region deserves to enjoy healthy plants, so these two paltry options were just not good enough.

The only problem is that, until now, this is the sort of thing that was only available in places like London and the South, but why should they be the only ones to have amazing plants?!

This meant a year of research before the company even came into being. First off was finding out what plants people really want. It seems people in the region mostly have the same two worries when it comes to their little green buddies – they kill them all and traditional garden centres are confusing.

That’s why almost all of the plants available at HomePlant are sturdy, strong and resilient. There are some, like our Kate, that are very nearly indestructible. It is also why we have done away with confusing Latin names. What is easier to remember - Sansevieria laurentii or Kate?

Next came sourcing the right plants from the best suppliers to ensure great quality. This means direct from Holland with growers that have been tested and vetted to make sure their standards meet ours.

Mike is adamant that HomePlant does all it can to keep waste down to help protect the environment. That’s why all of our packaging is made from recycled material (even the cellophane), and we strongly encourage you to recycle it too so that wonderful plants will be here for us to enjoy forever. 

Finally, easy to follow care guides and videos are an integral part of HomePlant – we want everyone to have plants they can enjoy for years to come. No more accidentally killing them! If you have any questions at all about how to care for any of our plants that you can’t find on our website, you can always contact us at and one of our experts will get back to you.

Welcome to the HomePlant family, together let’s make the world a greener, calmer and more beautiful place.