About Us

HomePlant is here to help turn your home into a paradise. 

We're all spending much more time at home now, and there's no reason it can't look amazing - a new cushion cover here, a wall hanging there, and suddenly your space is new and beautiful.

HomePlant was created in 2019 to help bring actual live plants to people's homes. Then the Covid-19 pandemic came. 

We at HomePlant were relatively lucky, and our thoughts will always be to the thousands of people terribly affected, medically and financially, by this awful illness.

But we did have to move away from selling plants - our suppliers had started to become less reliable, cost of goods had risen sharply and we just did not feel we would be able to offer the high quality service that our customers were used to before the lockdown. 

Now, instead of selling live plants, we want to bring the colour and beauty of plants into your home in different ways. So we have a massive collection of vases, cushion covers, rugs, bedding and dozens of other lines that are carefully selected from our suppliers for their excellent quality and beautiful design. 

We look forward to seeing you on the next stage of our journey.