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Sofia looks serene but she's working hard to purify the air around her. Sofia's soft, dark green leaves and elegant white flowers almost hide how tough she is.

Why we love Sofia the peace lily

  • The perfect cross between a long living plant and a flower. Sofia will live for a long time with her beautiful white petals.
  • Proven to purify the air. Breathe deep.
  • Easy to care for with just a little watering and sunlight. 

Sofia fits a 10cm pot.*

"I bought a couple of plants (Sophia & Jane) direct from the HomePlant stall at the Tynemouth weekend market (before the website went live). Both are thriving a couple of months later following the easy care advice given at the time and now on the website.
The website is very user friendly, interesting and informative. The newly added 'video tips' are especially useful."

-Pete on Trustpilot.

*pot not included

  • Small size (15-50cm)
  • Toxic to children
  • Toxic to pets
  • Needs moderate watering