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Sansevieria Laurentii-1

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Kate is one of our favourites. She is bold, beautiful and (nearly) unkillable. If you don't know where to start with plants, you can't go wrong with Kate.

Why we love Kate the snake plant

  • (Nearly) unkillable. She is as tough as she is beautiful.
  • Her nickname is 'Mother-in-law's tongue', though we're sure everyone's mother-in-law is charming and not at all snake-tongued.
  • Hardly needs watering - forget about her for a month? She will almost certainly be fine!
  • Sizes from 40cm to a massive 110cm!


Remember to check out our easy-to-follow guide to make sure you and Kate are happy for years to come.

40cm to 50cm Kate fits a 13.5cm pot.*
60cm to 70cm Kate fits a 17.5cm pot.*

"I’m writing my review having just received my first order from the store. The plants look amazing so far, they also sent care instructions for each plant too which will be great to use going forward. Highly recommended service!"

-Matt D on Trustpilot.

*pot not included

  • Happiest in partial shade
  • Happiest in the shade
  • Happiest with lots of sunlight
  • Medium size
  • Small size (15-50cm)
  • Tall
  • Toxic to children
  • Toxic to pets
  • Needs little watering