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Jane adds an eye-catching splash of purple to any plant collection. She likes hanging around in baskets, tall plant pots or off bookshelves. A perfect beginner plant.

Jane fits into a pot 13cm across.*

"My lovely, healthy, glossy plant (Jane) arrived beautifully wrapped and protected. She has since thrived and grown enormously on my kitchen dresser in just 10 days! I would highly recommend HomePlant. Their delivery service saves you the hassle of shopping and packing into a protective container to take home and the health and condition of the plants on arrival is superb - probably far better than many garden centres and definitely better than supermarkets or DIY stores!"
- Kate S on Trustpilot.


*pot not included

*Jane's purpleness and leaves change throughout the year and depending on where she is kept.

  • Happiest in partial shade
  • Happiest with lots of sunlight
  • Toxic to children
  • Toxic to pets
  • Needs moderate watering