Coronavirus Update : We Are Pausing All Trading Until Further Notice

We're making some important changes

Happy New Year to our wonderful customers. We hope the roaring 20s brings you all happiness and plenty of opportunity to enjoy the unique calm that a home filled with plants brings!

Our goal when launching HomePlant was to bring high quality, easy to care for plants to people's homes. No fuss, no stress, no confusion. 

Unfortunately, after trialling a number of third party courier services, we have not been able to find one that can reliably transport our beautiful plants and pots to our customers across the UK. 

Guaranteed next day delivery sold to us by some of the nation's biggest courier companies has frequently become "some time in the next week or so if you're lucky" delivery and boxes have arrived looking like they have been used as the ball in an enthusiastic kick-about. 

This is not good enough for us, and certainly not good enough for our lovely customers. 

So from today, we are going to refocus our business on the North East of the UK.

We will now only deliver to our home region because we will deliver the plants ourselves, so we know for certain that they will arrive at your door in the perfect condition they left us in. 

Thank you to everyone across the UK who has supported the business until now, and we hope to begin supplying outside of the North East soon.